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January 18, 2014 This was Liberty Storm’s last show on 960 AM the Patriot. Shane discussed highlights of the show over the last 18 months and the great support of staff, supporters, and the listeners. He also discussed executive orders and President Obama.

During the second hour, Shane addressed an hilarious ‘Man on the Street” episode that will leave you in awe. The show was closed out by talking about the Second Amendment, violence, and video games.

January 11, 2014 Shane brought the chairman of the Conservative Business League, Ron Ludders, into studio to discuss how we can have a local impact on politics. Victory can be ours in 2014. Shane then discussed Representaitve Peter King’s (R-NY) attack of Senator Ron Paul (R-KY) regarding the NSA. King could use a lesson or two about our Constitution.During the second hour, Lilia Dashevsky, the president of the Arizona Teenage Republicans, joined Shane in studio to discuss local and national politics and how to mobilize the youth. We closed out the show discussing the true history of slavery throughout the world and in America. Ignoring the truth doesn’t help the cause of this great nation. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
January 4, 2014 Shane Krauser kicks off the year with guest Jodi Riddleberger, the cofounder of the Conservatives for Guilford County (NC). They discussed the importance of holding our elected representatives accountable and how that it is accomplished. Reverend Clyde Bowen joined the show during the second hour to discuss how the liberty movement can impact minority communities. A great show with great information! Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
December 28, 2013 Shane Krauser and his crew broke down 2013 with the most significant events of the year. Issues that were hit on are as follows: 1. NSA and Edward Snowden; 2. Healthcare rollout and failure; 3. Boston Bombing (cameras and drones); 4. IRS Scandal; 5 AP and James Rosen Scandals; 6. George Zimmerman Acquittal; 7. Same-sex Marriage Rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court; and 8. Government Shutdown. Shane closed out the show by talking about the future of America in 2014, and there was some great news to be shared. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
December 21, 2013 Shane took on four issues during the night, and it was high energy. 1. Plea bargaining, the Fifth Amendment, and justice. 2. Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson’s suspension by A&E. 3. A federal judge’s ruling that the NSA’s practices of collecting phone data for national security practices is likely unconstitutional. 4. Roadblocks conducted by private entities and supported by government in order to access cheek swabs and question people about their driving habits. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
December 14, 2013 Shane spent the first hour talking about the death penalty as it relates to the Constitution. He also discussed common objections, such as cost, irreversibility, deterrence, and much more. During the second hour, Shane discussed Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit against the Obama administration and whether a private business can be forced to do something in violation of the owner’s religious beliefs. Finally, Shane closed out the show with “stupid things the government does.”  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
December 7, 2013 The welfare state enlaves and creates incentives to fail. Shane takes on this controversial issue and makes his case. Shane also takes on this issue of good cop/bad cop and some of the common issues on the law enforcement community. A moment is taken to pay tribute to the heroes of Pearl Harbor. Shane closes out the show by talking about freedom and tolerance.  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
November 30, 2013 What are average Americans doing to make a difference? We talked with people from all over the country and how they are working with the American Academy for Constitutional Education ( to bring about positive change. Our callers included: Dara Grieger (NY), Andrea Aikele (NM), Cindy Mann (NC), Loraine Pellegrino (AZ), and Mark Singer (AZ). Listen in and hear the critical message of why and how we are working with the grassroots, with the schools, with the churches, with those in government, and with the community. The time is now to stand up for America! Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
November 23, 2013 Shane Krauser comes out with a bit of a head fake when he claims he has an idea for two new amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Listen in to find out the method to his madness. He also takes on a recent experiment done on a university campus on the power of peer pressure and simply standing up as the lone voice. He closes out the show talking about his perspective of the Arizona constitution as it compares to other state constitutions, as well as the U.S. Constitution. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
November 15, 2013 Josh Carden, the coalitions coordinator for the Convention of the States, joined Shane in studio to discuss an Article V convention to amend the U.S. Constitution. They discussed both pro and con arguments. Find out more about the organization at Shane also discussed “tolerance” and the true meaning of the First Amendment’s freedom of speech.  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
November 9, 2013 Sharon Slater, president of Family Watch International, joins Shane to discuss her efforts to protect the family ( Shane then discusses the attacks on religion (First Amendment) and on our rights protected under the Fourth Amendment. This show is packed full of great information!  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
November 2, 2013 During the first hour, Shane hits on the pro-life/pro-choice debate and discusses how to counter some of the more common pro-choice arguments. During the second hour, Shane discusses the Tea Party, libertarians, and republicans and some of their distinctions. Is there a tent big enough for all of them to coexist?  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
October 26, 2013 Nick Dranias of the Goldwater Institute joins us to talk about a state-initiated Article V convention to address the federal government’s budgetary issues ( Shane went on to discuss his recent visit with Glenn Beck and Ron Paul in Texas this last week. He also discussed his speech given to the fiery women of the Arizona Federation of Republican Women in 10/25 which revolved around compromise. Shane closed out the program discussing some of the amendments proposed by Mark Levin in his newest book.  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
October 19, 2013 Candidates for the Arizona State Legislature (LD-20) joined me in studio (Thurane Aung Khin, Paul Boyer (incumbent), Justin Henry, and Anthony Kern). We experienced some lively discussion from four men who are passionate about leading and representing the people of Arizona. Together, we discussed issues that affect every American and Arizonan. We closed out the show with discussion about our country’s direction. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
October 12, 2013 There is an anti-Constitution sentiment taking root in this country, and we are told that our charters of freedom are outdated, archaic and even evil. Shane Krauser takes on the more common claims and illustrates that our Constitution has never been more relevant.  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
October 5, 2013 Nationally-syndicated talk show host, Steve Sanchez, joined Shane in studio to discuss everything from moving the message of liberty into the inner city to the government shutdown to guns in Starbucks. Shane went on to discuss his thoughts about one particular amendment that should be considered to our Constitution. He also hit on Republicans who don’t understand their own platform and why we must commit to America’s foundation today. Listen_pt1 Listen_pt2
September 28, 2013 Shane Krauser breaks the radio door down and comes out swinging as he talks about Starbucks and their request to have their customers leave their guns at home. Shane also discusses the U.N. Small Arms Treaty signed by John Kerry. Co-founder of Covenant America, Aaron Mackley, joins in to discuss a movement that could reawaken America in significant ways ( Arizona Representatives Adam Kwasman and Denis Mitchell join Shane to discuss both Arizona and national politics. Jam-packed and information you need to hear! Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
September 21, 2013 Sam Paine was the guest host, and this was a great show. Sam talked about the ideological origins of the Declaration of Independence, the rule of law, and a few current issues. He also addressed the Tenth Amendment and the solutions it offers to our country’s problems.  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
September 14, 2013 Andrew Thomas is the former Maricopa County Attorney in Arizona. He is a controversial political figure who was disbarred after pursuing the prosecution of other political figures. He recently announced his run for the governor of Arizona. We also had Justin Henry and Butch Wise on the air to talk about a free program for all veterans on Saturday 28, 2013 at Glendale Community College ( We closed out the program by talking about the grassroots movement to preserve America and what they must focus on.  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
September 7, 2013 Guest hosts, Dr. Byron Schlomach and Jonathan Riches of the Goldwater Institute, fill in for Shane Krauser to talk about a state-initiated convention to amend the Constitution, government pensions, and electricity deregulation and competition.  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
August 31, 2013 Liberty Storm was power packed with numerous issues that America needs to be concerned about. Shane hit on all of the following in dramatic detail: The Syrian conflict and our Constitution. Who are our heroes and what does it say about our culture? Is government supposed to be in the business of solving our problems and what does that even mean? How must we engage politically and why does it matter?  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
August 24, 2013 Dr. Zuhdi Jasser joined Shane in studio to talk about his Islamic faith, Sharia law, and our Constitution. The conversation became lively as we they discussed political and spiritual jihad and the distinctions between the Koran and Sharia law. ( Shane then talked about his testimony which he gave at a U.S. Congressional Field Hearing in Arizona on August 22, 2013. His testimony revolved around the IRS abuse of “patriotic” organizations. The program closed with a discussion about the NSA’s most recent revelations about the collection of emails. Listen_pt1 Listen_pt2
August 17, 2013 The fight to unseat Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) moves forward, as Wendy Rogers has announced that she will run. Wendy joined Shane in studio to talk about the issues and what she intends to bring to the table to move the country towards more freedom and less government ( Ross Kecseg of Empower Texans also joined the program to talk about the grassroots efforts and the fight to educate the public regarding fiscal issues ( Finally, Shane discussed whether we should be focused on federal, state, or local issues and how we can engage in an effective attack.  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
August 10, 2013 During the first hour, Dr. Carl Goldberg joins Shane in studio to talk about Islam, Sharia law, and whether this belief system is compatible with the U.S. Constitution. During hour two, Matt Papke joins Shane to talk about his run for Tempe County Council. Another example of an average American getting involved ( Karen Mackean also joins Shane to talked about “America Rising” to take place on September 7, 2013 in Show Low, AZ. Shane closes out the show by giving some startling facts about the size of government.  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
August 3, 2013 First, Shane discussed a bit about the financial crisis and one piece of legislation that is being proposed to address it, namely Glass-Steagall. Tommie Taylor and Leslie Adams came into studio to discuss. Second, we took on a celebration of freedom. Kirsten Millsap and Aaron Ballard from Miracle of America stopped in to sing some beautiful pieces, and Barb and Brent Stowell chimed in about Constitution Week USA, which is the largest Constitution celebration which will take place in the country in September 2013. Check out and  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
July 27, 2013 Many in the media report that they are fair and balanced or that they report the truth. However, how can the general public know whether they are hearing the truth or fiction? Three local radio talk show hosts join Shane in studio to discuss their objectives and their words of wisdom for the general public. Kate Krueger, Clair Van Steenwyk, Bryan Hackbarth, and Shane all become quite animated during this fantastic exchange. In addition to the talk show hosts, two journalists from Western Free Press join Shane to discuss similar topics. David Leeper and Christopher Cook both have extensive experience in the media and discuss some of their concerns. (  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
July 20, 2013 Another blockbuster show as leaders from the Phoenix area Tea Parties joins Shane to discuss how and why grassroots organizations must unite. Believe it or not, we must take a page from the play book of those who are not so liberty minded.In addition, nationally-renowned firearms expert, Alan Korwin, joins Shane to discuss Operation Watermelon Juice or, as Alan likes to say, Watermelon Gate. What the media didn’t tell you about Trayvon Martin story because of their racist tendencies. Don’t miss this revelation. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
July 13, 2013 Shane discusses the importance of understanding the Declaration of Independence in conjunction with the U.S. Constitution and why we have the government that we have today. He also discusses the travesty in Egypt. Finally, Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman, A.J. LaFaro, joins Shane to discuss his controversial leadership and what the Republican Party must do in the future.  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
July 6, 2013 Shane Krauser gives a tribute to America by addressing what makes America exceptional. After the tribute, Greg Miles, the founding partner of Davis Miles law firm, drops into studio to discuss how we protect ourselves during these tough economic times. Finally. two Arizona State Legislative candidates, Justin Henry and Thomas Grier, join Shane to discuss their platforms. Arizona Representative Warren Peterson also joins us to discuss the leadership of tomorrow that must address the problems of today. (Justin Henry –; Thomas Grier –  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
June 29, 2013 With all of the decisions coming down from the U.S. Supreme Court this week, Shane breaks it all down as he discusses the Defense of Marriage Act, California’s Proposition 8, and the Voting Rights Act. During the second hour, Andrew Walter joins Shane in studio to discuss his run for Congress in Arizona CD-9. Andrew is a former NFL QB out of Arizona State University.  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
June 22, 2013 David Barton, president and CEO of WallBuilders, joins Shane to discuss the uniqueness of the Constitution, slavery, and the Black’s involvement in the revolution and in holding various political offices. ( Shane then discusses why Edward Snowden is a hero, why George Zimmerman will be acquitted in the Trayvon Martin shooting case, and why the proposed immigration reform is just political checkers.  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
June 15, 2013 Wave Chan, a first-generation American, joins Shane to discuss his run for office in NYC as a “liberty-minded patriot.” His story is stunning! Shane also discusses the lack of knowledge of the Constitution and the rule of law by representatives at all levels of government. You’ll love his rant! And, finally, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu (America’s 2011 Sheriff of the Year) joins Shane to discuss American exceptionalism, states’ rights, securing the border and so much more. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
June 8, 2013 Charles Heller is the executive director of the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership ( and discusses some of the Jewish history regarding disarmament and why all Americans should stand in defense of the Second Amendment. Mark Meckler, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots and the president of Citizens for Self Governance ( discusses how average Americans can get involved and have an impact on the direction of the United States and their individual communities. He also discusses his lawsuit against the IRS ( Finally, John Wohlstetter, senior fellow of the Discovery Institute, discusses the James Rosen scandal and Eric Holder’s (USAG) action in securing a subpoena for Rosen’s email account, the IRS scandal, and how to take part in fighting corrupt government. ( Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
June 1, 2013 Nationally-syndicated host Hugh Hewitt joins Liberty Storm to discuss the recent scandals, the solution for America, and the Constitution Under Fire Event in Phoenix, AZ on June 4, 2013. We then move on to an intense and vigorous immigration debate. Russell Pearce, the author of SB1070, and Antonio Bustamante, advocate in opposition to SB1070 and supporter of the DREAM Act, face off. We debate SB1070, the DREAM Act, racial profiling, immigration reform, and much more. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
May 25, 2013 Mark David Henderson, author of The Soul of Atlas, addresses how faith and reason are ultimately reconcilable and how libertarians and social conservatives can come together with their varying political philosophies. Joshua Carden, an attorney with Davis Miles McGuire Gardner (, comes into studio where we announced that he will file a lawsuit against the IRS on behalf of the American Academy for Constitutional Education ( Joe Sirochman, owner of American Spirit Arms ( calls in and talks about his concerns as a gun manufacturer with regard to the Second Amendment. We end the night discussing the AP and Benghazi scandals. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
May 18, 2013 This show is heated and high energy! Shane addresses the IRS scandal and the treatment of tea parties and other groups who stand against expanding government. He also discusses the Boston bombings, the proposed increased implementation of cameras on the streets, and the Miranda issues as it relates to the bombing suspects. Shane also touches on universal background checks. Finally, two individuals who just announced their candidacies stop and talk briefly about their platforms, namely Gabriela Mercer (U.S. Congress, Arizona) and Justin Henry (Arizona State Legislature, LD20). Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
May 11, 2013 Doug Ducey, Arizona’s Treasurer, joins Shane in studio to discuss the economy, the budget, Medicaid expansion, Common Core, and his potential run for governor.Deneen Borelli, author of Blacklash and director of Outreach for FreedomWorks, joins Shane to discuss her confrontation with the Black establishment, how liberty-minded people can reach out to the minority community, why minorities are disporportionately affected by the policies of the Obama administration, and why America’s best days are yet to come. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
May 4, 2013 Matt Kibbe, president and CEO of FreedomWorks, joins Shane Krauser to discuss grassroots organization, the power of the people, the Tea Party movement, defending America, and the New Fair Deal. ( County Attorney Bill Montgomery joins Shane in studio to discuss his efforts as the chief prosecutor of the county, states’ rights, federalism, the Boston bombings, immigration, and the legalization of marijuana. (  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
April 27, 2013 Dr. Tom Borelli, a Senior Fellow with FreedomWorks and the National Center for Public Policy Research, joins Liberty Storm to discuss crony capitalism, the dangerous partnership between government and big business, and what we can do about it. ( & Hovind, author of Godnomics and Senior Pastor of Horizon Community Church in Ohio, also joins Liberty Storm to talk about economics and sound money management. We also discuss the devaluing of the dollar and capitalism versus socialism. (, Sheriff Richard Mack, the former Graham County Sheriff who took on the Clinton Administration’s Brady Bill and won, discusses federalism, state’s rights, and how local law enforcement officers and sheriffs can help take back state power from the federal government. Sheriff Mack discusses the controversial issue of gun control. ( Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
April 20, 2013 Congressman Matt Salmon (R-AZ) joins Liberty Storm to discuss his primary concerns in D.C. and what can be done about it.Derrick Wilburn, the chairman of the Americans Conservatives of Color and the Rocky Mountain Conservatives, comes into studio and talks about what liberty-loving Americans must do to reach out to the minority community. http://www.acofc.comReverend C.L. Bryant, a FreedomWorks Fellow and the creator of the movie Runaway Slave, joins Shane for an entire hour to discuss why he believes so many minorities refuse to leave the government plantation. He discusses his experiences as a Black conservative, a minister who lost his job because he stood for limited government, and how Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have hurt more than helped the minority community. Finally, C.L. talks about the New Fair Deal launched by FreedomWorks. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
April 13, 2013 Arizona’s Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, joins Liberty Storm to discuss the constitutional crisis, voter fraud, Arizona’s budget, Common Core, the Medicaid expansion, and his run for the governorship.In addition, Lily Dashevsky and McLain Driver, both Arizona leaders of the Teenage Republicans, come into the studio to discuss the rising generation, their concerns about America, and what they intend to do about it.  Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
April 6, 2013 Using the media, exploiting PR campaigns, and transcending racial lines in order to accomplish the objective of restoring freedom are all key components in the battle in America. Greg Miles with the law firm of Davis Miles McGuire Gardner joins the show to announce that Shane Krauser is now a partner with the law firm. Shane will act as a consultant on criminal and constitutional law cases ( Fouse with the PR firm, The Pinkston Group out of Virginia, joins the show to announce that The Pinkston Group will represent Shane Krauser Enterprises and its various entities.Derrick Wilburn, chairman of the Rockly Mountain Conservatives, then joins Shane to discuss how we must cross racial lines to win this war of ideas and politics. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
March 30, 2013 Both Tim Ballard and Dr. Walter Williams join Liberty Storm for absolutely invigorating discussion.Tim Ballard, the author of “The Covenant”, talks about his research which suggests that America’s founders and even the pilgrims made a covenant with God in order to establish the United States. Tim shares inspiring stories and writings of the framers to make his case and talks about how we can restore America. http://www.theamericancovenant.comDr. Walter Williams, renowned economist and professor, joins Liberty Storm to talk about the Second Amendment, the Civil Rights Act, minimum wage laws, women in combat, and what equality really means. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
March 23, 2013 What is the future of the Republican Party? Robert Graham, the Arizona State Republican Party Chairman, joins Shane Krauser in studio to talk about the outlook of the party, issues that must be dealt with, the marketing of the message, and what’s at stake. Mr. Graham is dynamic and is leading the charge that so many in Arizona are excited to be a part of. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
March 16, 2013 Shane discusses his trip to NYC on the day the soda ban was to take effect, meetings he had with several key figures in Washington, D.C., and his requests and invitations. From the staff of Congressman Clyburn to Georgetown University’s Michael Seidman, there are some interesting developments taking place. Shane also talks about the Cruz-Feinstein exchange this last week that involved the proposed firearms ban. Truly epic! Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
March 9, 2013 Is there a reason why we, through John Kerry and the current administration, are supporting Egypt’s “future as a democracy” by handing over nearly a quarter of a billion dollars? Is anyone watching what is going on? For that matter, has anyone read the Egyptian Constitution and identified what their “rule of law” consists of? Shane takes on this issue and the broader issue of the consequences of “democratic rule.” In addition, Shane talks about Senator Rand Paul’s protection of a republican form of government and his 13-hour filibuster. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
March 2, 2013 Clarence Henderson, one of the participants of the 1960 Sit-In at the Woolworth’s restaurant in Greensboro, NC, joins Shane and talks about Town Hall 2013 and the future of America.Jeff Chapman, managing instructor of K-Force Vanguard (, talks about the gun culture and the importance of firearms training. Shane also engages in a vigorous discussion about guns in schools and Mayor Bloomberg’s latest antics related to Coke and pizza. Jam packed, full of information, and fun! Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
February 23, 2013 We broadcasted from Town Hall 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Shane addressed the exciting details of the Town Hall meeting and how we can reverse the trainwreck in America. Over 800 people attended the event, and America came alive. Take a listen as we discuss the event, and Shane introduces members of his staff. Listen_pt1Listen_pt2
February 16, 2013 If you are ever involved in a lethal confrontation, should you talk with the police? What should you say to the 911 operator? During a traffic stop, should you consent to a police search? What about mandatory minimum laws or even the election of judges? We take on all of this and more as criminal defense attorney Mark Andersen joins Shane in studio. Mark is a partner with the firm Davis Miles McGuire Gardner and oversees the criminal defense division. listen_icon
February 9, 2013 The federal government is out of control. Would an amendment to the U.S. Constitution help address this problem? Should the states call an Article V convention to amend the Constitution or is it too risky? Nick Dranias, attorney with the Goldwater Institute and a board member with the Compact for America, joins Shane in studio to discuss what a convention would like as well as a proposed Balanced Budget Amendment. listen_icon
February 2, 2013 What does the younger generation have to say about America and do they even care? Three college students join Shane in studio to discuss their perception of the United States, proposed solutions, and the rising generation. Guests: Dustin Fehlhaber, Colton West, and Austin Wright. listen_icon
January 26, 2013 Shane addresses what it means to petition the government for a redress of grievances and seek out real change. Wes Harris, Arizona Chairman of We the People Congress, joins Shane in studio and discusses filing petitions at all levels of government and even threatening litigation to facilitate a change by those who are elected to represent the people. listen_icon
January 19, 2013 President Barack Obama signed 23 executive actions this last week in response to the “firearms epidemic.” Shane Krauser discusses the constitutional status of executive orders and whether these proposed orders exceed the president’s authority. listen_icon
January 12, 2013 Does a person have a right to die? What about the right to life? Speech at abortion clinics? How does the new healthcare law effect an individual’s ability to make decisions? All of this and more as Dana Cody, Executive Director of Life Legal Defense Foundation, joins Shane Krauser in studio to discuss. listen_icon
January 5, 2013 If we think we have problems today, wait another 20 years when things will only get worse if we do not address some of the core societal issues. Shane Krauser takes on this issue and talks about educating our young people in our homes, in our schools, and in our culture. If we choose not to do this, the consequences are dire. What will our choice be? listen_icon