Of Sheepdogs, Sheep, and Wolves – Where Do You Stand?

By Shane Krauser

The battle for liberty rages, and the sheepdogs are on the loose once again and their numbers are increasing dramatically. America has a number of opinions about these sheepdogs, but every American is faced with an important choice that is rather clear.  What choice will you make?

Lt. Col. David Grossman has written a number of books on the use of physical and deadly force. In his writings, he often talks about sheepdogs, sheep, and wolves. It is difficult to read his work and not draw analogies and comparisons to our battle for liberty in America today. Indeed, there are three types of people in America who possess the characteristics of one of these three animals.

The sheepdogs are the defenders of liberty. They are those who will not stand idly by and allow their freedoms to be taken without a fight. The wolves are precisely those who would deprive the people of their freedoms, and, unfortunately, it is often the government that fits within this category. And, finally, there are the sheep. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans are sheep – passive, harmless, and careless.

Let’s start with the wolves. They are a simple species to define. They love power and authority. They hate any resistance by outsiders, and that resistance is offered up almost entirely by the sheepdogs. In their mind, the sheepdogs are troublemakers, are out of touch with reality, and hinder them from obtaining their goal of gaining more power and a more rigid stronghold on the weak. The wolves much prefer the sheep because the sheep will blindly follow the wolves, unable to recognize that the wolves are simply seeking to exploit their passivity and rule with an iron fist over the herd. The wolves often scare the sheep into believing that their lives and safety are in jeopardy and that the wolves are really interested in protecting them. And the wolves use scare tactics to ensure this conformity among the sheep. Sadly, the sheep believe the wolves.

The sheep are a sad bunch. They pay lip service to freedom, but they don’t understand what liberty really means. In this battle for freedom and the preservation of constitutional principles, they are oblivious, uninformed, and, in many cases, willfully ignorant. They don’t see any danger. They don’t see any threats. They are content staying in their confined fields where they graze on the grass of “everything is ok” throughout the day as the wolves monitor them. They believe the government (wolves) should take care of them and that such is the obligation of the government (wolves). They inherently trust the government (wolves) and believe that, as an institution, they can do little wrong. They refuse to show up at the ballot box because they have been fed and ultimately consumed the lie that they cannot make a difference. They generally refuse to participate in political activities for fear of being labeled a fanatic. They shy away from political discussion and will accuse others of creating unneeded waves. Their clarion call is public safety, and they will tell you that public safety always takes precedence over individual rights. Yes, these sheep scatter at the sign of any issue worth fighting over.

The sheepdogs will have none of it. They are James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin reincarnate. They recognize and will defend unalienable liberties at any cost. They recognize the profound truth found in our Declaration of Independence that governments primarily exist to “secure our rights” and that everyone is “endowed with certain unalienable rights.” The sheepdogs are constantly howling in the night letting the wolves know of their presence, constantly creating resistance. Their howling also is to warn the sheep, but the sheep claim that it is nothing more than meaningless chatter.  The sheepdogs gather often at town halls and meetings throughout the country. They rally together, but they rarely act as a herd. They are “boots on the ground” and will independently and individually engage the enemy. The sheepdogs love liberty, but they despise those who just talk and do nothing. They hate the fight, but they will engage because liberty is their obligation, their blessing, and their heartbeat.

These three species are engaged, knowingly or unknowingly, in the battle of America, and this battle largely revolves around two questions. Will we keep government separated, limited, diffused, and checked? Will liberty remain the default position of this country or will Americans give into fear and continue to allow their rights and freedom to be legislated away? You have a choice, and the role you decide to play will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

I love this country and to attempt to express my love in writing for this great land would amount to nothing short of a great injustice to the way I really feel. Ultimately, though, I hope for a few things.

First, I hope that the sheep begin to understand what is at stake. This isn’t some carnival where we are in some intense debate over which flavor of ice cream one will choose. The wolves want them to believe that this is the substance of the fight, but the wolves have always been and will continue to be deceptive.

Second, I hope the wolves understand the sheepdogs are on their trail, and we will not let up. I pray that the wolves will crack open the Constitution and learn of its principles. I hope the wolves will hear the voices of those who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in order to secure the blessings of liberty. I hope the wolves will concede sooner rather than later, for they will lose this battle in the end.

Finally, I hope that the sheepdogs will not back off and that they will continue to make noise that is logical, sound, and rooted in the principles of liberty. I pray that the sheepdogs will not be diverted by self-serving interests and emotional drivel. The sheepdogs must be honest but ferocious in battle – hit hard but adhere to the rule of law.

America has engaged in the greatest experiment in the history of the world. No other country has experienced freedom to this degree. However, the lust for power, the abuse of authority, and the advocacy of blatant lies have diminished our freedoms significantly. America must rise up. It is times such as these where patriots must step forward and once again pledge everything within them to win. If you desire liberty, there is no other choice.

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